10 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Grocery Store

The average American can spend over one hundred hours at the grocery store each year. That doesn’t even include the travel time to and from. Think of all the time you could save and all the things you could accomplish if you eliminated your trip to the grocery store. Life is too short to do anything but make the most of each day.


Check out the list below for things we would do instead of shopping for groceries.


  1. Learn a skill! Learn a new language, dust off your piano, pick up that book that you keep saying you’re going to read, or even spend time on YouTube mindlessly watching cat videos (c’mon, you know you love them).


  1. Reconnect with an old friend! Life is busy and it’s hard enough keeping up with work, kids, friends, and commitments.  Who has time to meet with friends? If you didn’t have to run to the grocery store, you reallocate that time to a friend.  Moments with loved ones are precious, make the most of them.


  1. Move it! Dust off those old running shoes and hit the track. Being active not only makes you look good, but it also relieves emotional stress. Grab some friends and go for a walk or sign up for a Zumba class at your local gym. You deserve to look good and feel good.


  1. Take time for yourself! Everyday stresses are taking a toll on you. In work, in relationships and in life in general, you keep others in mind. Well, today  skip the grocery shopping and do something selfish. Do something that makes you feel good. Whether it’s a day at the spa or a day at the gym. Draw a bath or go to a yoga class. Make time for me time.


  1. Family Matters! The hustle and bustle of life keeps us from doing things that we really need to do, like keeping up with with the ones we love most. Call your parents, call your siblings, and get together. Make a day of it.


  1. Start a blog! There is something unique about everyone. Find what makes you you and write about it. Write about your travels, your hobbies, or even blog about what you cook for dinner every night. Use the internet as a creative outlet and connect with other people with the same interests as you.


  1. Go on that date night! When was the last time you and your significant other spent some time just enjoying each other’s company? Make reservations at that fancy French restaurant everyone is raving about. Go see a movie and share a drink and popcorn. Turn your phones off and just be with each other.


  1. Learn to cook something new! Take advantage of the time not being wasted on grocery shopping and look up some new recipes to spice up your current routine. Get rid of the boring spaghetti and meatloaf and make something you’ve never tried. Better yet, sign up for a cooking class! With all these fresh ingredients at your hands, learn to use them for some yummy dishes.


  1. Get out and volunteer! As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” A little kindness goes a long way. The best way to find your local service opportunities is the internet. Animal shelters, food pantries ,and clean-up crews are always looking for more volunteers. So go out and give back to the community that you are a part of and love.


  1. Explore a new place! Whether that be somewhere as far north or as far south as you can go, or just exploring somewhere new in the city. Go out and bring out that adventurous side of yourself. Open your mind to new places and new adventures.


        What’s holding you back? There is too much fun to be had instead of wasting hours at the grocery store. Do what is precious to you and learn something in the process. Become the person that you have wanted to be. Leave the stress of shopping to Max Delivery and make the most of everyday.  Click here to order your groceries online from Max Delivery.  You really tried to work things out, but it is time to break up with the grocery store.


What would you do if you didn’t have to go grocery shopping?

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