The Konery

When the summer heat is too much to bear, nothing compares to a sweet cone of ice cream. The delicious flavor and refreshing temperature makes it easy for anyone to be taken back to a time when things were simple, even if only for a moment. Ice cream and the ice cream cone go hand in hand. While the ice cream is often the star of the show, the cone is an understated, yet necessary component to a perfect summertime treat. Waffle cones add the perfect amount of crunch to a delicious scoop of any flavor, and when made fresh add an inviting taste. At Max Delivery, we offer The Konery, a line of delicious, unique, and exciting waffle cones. The Konery is based out of Brooklyn, and their products are the latest up and coming ice cream craze. All of their products are made from gourmet ingredients so it’s easy to feel guilt free while enjoying a tasty treat. The cones are also dairy-free, so this is perfect to pair with your favorite non-dairy ice cream. Gluten Free?  Don’t worry, there is a cone for you too!  Their products are some of the freshest, healthiest cones you can find in the city.  Why settle for a bland, flavorless cone when you can have an exciting, flavorful cone? The Konery currently offers six delicious flavors, (cinnamon brown sugar, chocolate hazelnut, birthday cake, French vanilla, gluten-free French vanilla, and toasted coconut). The cones have a unique texture and taste that is hard to find anywhere else. With Max Delivery, you can get The Konery waffle cones, delivered right to your door. Between work, school, friends, and family, who has time to go grocery shopping anymore? Max Delivery understands grocery shopping can’t always fit in the schedule and will deliver whatever you need  in one hour! Next time the kids want to have ice cream, treat them (and yourself) to waffle cones by The Konery.


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