A Baker’s Dozen Worth of Late Night Munchies

Whenever it’s 2 AM and you’re barely awake with a rumbling stomach, you need something quick and relatively easy before you hit the sack.  (You’re also probably not interested in going to the store.  So order from Max Delivery.  Let us bring the munchies to you in an hour.  You can order online at http://www.maxdelivery.com/social or you can download the Max Delivery app!)

1: Homemade Pizza

What you need: Cooking spray, tortilla, marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and your choice of toppings

This one is easy, all you have to do is a take a baking sheet, spray with some cooking oil, set the oven to 350 and slather on all that pizza goodness on a tortilla. Black olives are great for toppings, but the best part about this dish is how easy it is to personalize, so go for it!

2: Poor Man’s Quesadilla

What you need: Tortilla, cooking spray, your choice of cheese, and other toppings (Feel free to use whatever is lying around.)

Again, these aren’t difficult or Four Star Michelin rated recipes, but they’re perfect for those late night cravings. Take a stove top cooking pan, spray it with cooking oil, lay out a tortilla, put your toppings on one side, fold over the other side to create a “sandwich” look. Place on the stovetop and flip when it’s golden brown on each side.

3: Nachos

Probably the greatest invention ever because it’s cheap and easy, perfect to satisfy those 2 AM drunchies (Drunk+munchies=drunchies)

What you need: Tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, salsa, and can’t forget the jalapeños.

So if you’re really pressed for time (which what else could you possibly be doing at 2 AM but whatever), you can just take the tortilla chips, douse them in cheese and pop them in the microwave. I recommend for no longer than thirty seconds, but that can increase in decrease based on how hot your microwave is. Once you take them out (don’t forget to use oven mitts!), top them off when sour cream, salsa, lettuce, and jalapeños for the perfect late night snack!  

4: Tacos

Seriously, what would we do without Tex-Mex, as I’m sure you’re sensing a theme here. Tacos are great late night snacks because you can make these in no time and use ingredients you already have in your refrigerator from those late night nachos!

What you need: Tortillas (good thing they come in packs of, like, a billion, cause they’re in pretty much every single one of these recipes), shredded cheese, cooked meats (might want to do this before 2 AM because it is a little more time consuming), shredded lettuce, and chopped up tomatoes. You know what to do.

5: Grilled Cheese

This meal transitions well from a childhood go-to to an adult go-to because it’s so easy and relatively inexpensive.

What you’ll need: Cheese (sliced—if you’re feeling fancy, you can use Gouda), bread, and butter.  You can dress it up a little but more with bacon and tomatoes.

6: Breakfast for (late) dinner

Breakfast for dinner is quite possibly the most satisfying meal of all time. So what’s better than breakfast for dinner? Breakfast for a midnight snack. Pancakes can be whipped up in a snap if you get the premade mix (which actually tastes really good), eggs take less than 2 minutes, and then chop up some fruit and you’ve got yourself a meal!

What you’ll need: Pancake mix (like I said it’s actually great), eggs (my average is two but you do you), cheese for my eggs (again, health is no object here), and a piece of fruit.

7: Breakfast for dinner, part two

Cereal. This isn’t hard, it isn’t fancy, but it’s easy and actually not that horrible to eat at 2 AM if you eat healthy cereal. But, if you’re like us, and making up for long lost years of being forced to granola as a kid, you probably take this time to embrace the sugary goodness that is cereal that’s accompanied by a surprise toy.

What you’ll need: Your choice of cereal, the sugary the better, and milk. If by some off chance you are caring about your health, adding some fruit like raspberries or blueberries are a great way to get your antioxidants.

8: Apples and Peanut Butter/Carrots and Ranch Dressing/Celery and Peanut Butter OR Ranch Dressing (emphasis on the “or”)

Perhaps the easiest foods are don’t-need-to-be-cooked-fruits-or-veggies (which is literally all of them). Of course, we can easily make this unhealthy by suggesting you use Nutella, or something of the similar (Hershey’s liquid chocolate anyone?) but we’ll leave that up to you.

What you’ll need: it’s literally in the title of this section.

9: Fluffer Nutter!

Alright, since we’ve already spent loads of time on the healthy foods, back to unhealthy food—the Fluffer Nutter.

Fluffer nutters are marshmallow and peanut butter sandwiches and they will definitely give you some form of temporary, low-grade diabetes but they’re so worth it. They pair wonderfully with a glass of milk to wash it down with.

What you’ll need: bread, typically white bread goes well with the processed sugars, peanut butter (we like smooth but that’s up to you), and marshmallow fluff. Can you feel your blood sugar rising yet?

10: Chicken Wings

Nope, chicken wings aren’t just for overeating while watching the Superbowl, they exist outside of that universe and are a great way to get a little meat on your stomach if you’re really hungry come 2 AM.

What you’ll need: Pre-packaged chicken wings and a working oven. Douse them in a little Texas Pete to give it a little kick and a little extra flavor, but make sure they’re not already sauced before adding your own ingredients or you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. And if that’s not enough, pre-packaged French Fries always hit the spot.

11: Ramen

Despite the insane level of sodium, it is really, really tasty; and just because you might have graduated college doesn’t mean you’re above eating ramen. In fact, Ramen has a bad rap in the US for being “broke college kid” food, but in Japan, it is regarded as a regular meal where they dress it up and dress it down depending on what’s in their kitchen.

What you’ll need: Ramen packets and boiling water. If you want to be fancy, you can add a hard-boiled egg, a couple of pieces of sliced cheese, and some sprigs of an onion to touch it up a bit.

12: Popcorn and Chocolate Chips

For those of you with a sweet tooth but also craving something salty, this is perfect for you.

What you’ll need: Popcorn and chocolate chips (or M&M’s if you’re into aesthetics).

Heat up the popcorn in the microwave, or stovetop if you’re feeling old school, and once it’s put in a bowl add as many chocolate chips as your heart desires. The heat from the popcorn melts the chocolate chips and creates the most sensational mix of salt and sweet. Be sure to keep a napkin nearby, your hands are bound to have leftover melted chocolate on them.


Or just regular ice cream if you’re not feeling up to the late night challenge. We saved the best munchy idea for last because if there’s anything this country can get behind, it’s that ice cream tastes better (much like all other food) if it’s eaten at 2 AM in the shadow of your refrigerator. Our new favorite is pistachio (if you haven’t had it before I dare you to try it because  you will not regret it). If you’re feeling fancy and have some time to spare, make yourself an ice cream sundae, you deserve it.

What you’ll need: A banana, whipped cream, your choice of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cherries. You will probably be so in awe of your gorgeous masterpiece, you won’t want to eat it. Then, you’ll remember it’s 2 AM and you’re starving so you devour it in one sitting and not regret it a single bit.

Just remember, calories consumed between the hours of 12AM and 6AM do not count. So, enjoy those late night munchies.  


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