11 Items You Need In Your Emergency Bag

“Busy on the go” is the new norm for today’s society.  Having an emergency kit on hand for those unpredictable moments could actually save someone’s life, or at the very least you will have baby wipes on hand to clean up the coffee you spilled on your brand new leather car seats.  Emergency bags are great to store in your basement, in your car, somewhere easily accessible and that everyone in the family can get to. Here are the top things to keep in your emergency bag at all times.  An emergency bag is a MUST HAVE, especially if you have accident-prone children (or if you’re the accident prone one). Everyone has been in a situation where they have a terrible headache or Band-Aid and don’t have the proper things to treat it.

  1. Band-Aids

Pretty self-explanatory, and its a good idea to have them in multiple sizes.  Products like Neosporin to clean scrapes should be in there too!

  1. Pain Relievers.

You never know when you’re going to get a headache, or when something unexpected is going to happen.  If you have kids, make sure you have Children’s pain relievers on hand too.  It is a good idea to keep any other medications your family takes easily accessible and/or in the emergency bag if possible.

  1. Nail Clippers

Not only can these handy tools fix your hang nail, but they double as a great cutting tool too!

  1. Tweezers

Okay, okay, so plucking your eyebrows has never been an “emergency” but these handy little guys are super useful for other purposes too!  Splinter?  Grab the tweezers!  Drop your credit card under your car seat and can’t reach it?  Tweezer’s to the rescue!

  1. Baby Wipes

Great for wiping babies and cleaning up sticky messes!

  1. Tide To-Go Pen

Just get one.  You WILL need it one day and your future self will thank you.  Probably not “Emergency” worthy but you will be glad you have one.

  1. Phone Charger

In today’s society, our lives revolve around our phones. Unfortunately, our batteries don’t seem to understand that. Keeping a phone charger on hand at all times is very important!  You will be so thankful you have a phone charger if you ever are in an emergency situation.  And of course, you don’t want to miss your friends inviting you to dinner or that email from your boss.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Living in the city means there are tons of opportunities to be exposed to germs. From the subway, getting in a cab, or going shopping, germs are everywhere! To avoid getting sick (the flu season is coming up), keep hand sanitizer nearby at all times! And be sure to share with strangers. Most hand sanitizers kill 99% of germs; so unless you want to be sick, keep a bottle in your purse! Some stores even sell scented hand sanitizers, so you can have a quick festive smell. And if for some reason you don’t have access to running water in an emergency, you can still have clean hands.

  1. Umbrella

Everyone forgets to look at the weather, so next time you forget, don’t be left soaking wet. Go ahead and pack an umbrella! It might take up a bit of space, but it is worth it! If you’re someone that keeps up with the weather, you can take it out and put it in as needed. If you forget sometimes (everyone does), it might be best to go ahead and pack it just in case!

  1. A Flashlight

Whether you’ve just dropped something in the dark and need a flashlight, or you’re really in an emergency and your phone dies, you’ll be glad to have a flashlight.

  1. A Blanket

If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road in a harsh New York winter, your life could quickly become endangered.  Having a blanket on hand also means you’re always ready for an impromptu picnic (bonus points if you call MaxDelivery to deliver!).


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