Date Night Ideas To Spice Up Your Relationship

Everyone in a relationship has been there, the feeling that you and your partner are in a rut, and need some new and exciting things to do. Or you’re looking to impress your new interest with a less than mundane experience. Luckily in New York, there are tons of unique things to go test out! The city is filled with romantic, spontaneous things to do. From restaurants, Broadway shows, and museums, there are tons of great options to spice up your night! Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth anniversary, it is always fun to try something new with the person you are interested in. Take a night out on the town for your next date night, and be sure to try out some of these great hot spots!


It’s easy to fall into the routine of going to your usual restaurant and having your usual meal. While those sushi rolls from your favorite restaurant down the street are hard to beat, go and try some new restaurants! There are also a ton of restaurants all over the city. The new food and atmosphere can easily bring two lovers together. Below is a list of some great restaurants located right here in New York City that can set the mood for you and that special someone.

Milk and Roses

Milk and Roses, located in Greenpoint, has an exquisite venue that will easily bring two together. The candle-lit restaurant makes for a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Once leaving the mysterious inner building, you’re greeted to an open patio glistening with thousands of Christmas lights. The food has southern Italian twists to make your meal filling and delicious.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

This former carriage house turned restaurant is perfect for a special date night. The beautiful décor, including gold chandeliers and brick fireplaces, makes for the perfect setting to rekindle a flame that needs tending. It is said that more people have announced their engagement here than any other restaurant in Manhattan!

River Café

This little café stowed away under the Brooklyn Bridge has one of the best views of New York that you can find. The lantern lit walkway and the soft piano in the background makes this a romantic spot to see the city in a way you’ve never seen it before. If you really want to make the night special, get a seat by the windows. This is the perfect spot for a cozy dinner with a breathtaking view.

Cake Shop

The Cake Shop is the perfect place to take your partner if they’re into music. Not only do they offer vegan goodies and coffee upstairs, the basement is where tons of indie and underground rock groups take the stage. You can also get new and old CDs and vinyl albums. Next time you’re trying to fulfill your sweet tooth’s dreams and jam out to some new music, be sure to stop by the Cake Shop.


The Mehanta, also known as the Bulgarian Bar, is a truly unique experience. This hot spot plays up and coming music from all over the world while serving drinks from basically everywhere. They also offer the Ice Cage, a room with sub-zero temperatures that has various drinks lining the chilled walls. Before entering, you’re handed a Soviet uniform and a shot glass made of ice. For a truly unique date where you can kick back and have some fun, check out the Bulgarian Bar.


While this little Japanese restaurant might be slightly difficult to find, it is well worth it. Upon entering the unmarked door, you’re escorted down the bamboo-lined hallways lit only by lanterns. Once seated, you can pull the curtains for an intimate eight-course meal. This restaurant is the perfect place to go if you and your significant other are looking for an intimate Japanese dinner.



Often times, the main theme of art is love. From music to paintings to plays, love and passion are consistently major themes in the arts. Spoil your significant other or impress your date for the first time, and take them to one of these events for a date night that will leave them speechless.


There are a variety of shows playing on Broadway that are perfect for date nights. Phantom of the Opera, a tale of longing turned obsession, is the longest running musical on Broadway. Another great option for your next date night is On Your Feet! This follows Emilio and Gloria Estefan and the trials and tribulations of their relationship while living in the spotlight. There are tons of other options on Broadway that will have you and your lover in awe.

Millionaire Magician

While you might not think of magic as the sexiest thing to go see on a date night, think again. Steve Cohen’s show takes place at the Waldorf-Astoria, and you must wear cocktail attire. The show will leave you mesmerized, whether you’re asking if it was real or how did he pull it off. After you can discuss the show in in the bar.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York’s biggest collections of art and culture. From rare and unique paintings to precious jewels to magnificent sculptures, the museum has a lot to offer. Admission isn’t very much, so this would be the perfect spot for a spontaneous stop during the day. And just wait until you see the rooftop of the Met. The rooftop bar offers a great view of the city that never sleeps (and some great cocktails).

Tilton Gallery

The Tilton Gallery, located on the Upper East Side, is full of pieces of work from up and coming artists. The contemporary art is located in a historic townhouse, and is filled with art that will inspire you and your lover.

Ghosts of the East Village Tour

Do you believe in ghosts? If you do (or even if you don’t), this walking tour is frightening fun that you and your partner will be thinking about for weeks. The tour kicks off at a haunted graveyard and takes you to apartment buildings and tons of other places. After the tour, you’ll see the East Village in a whole new way. This is the perfect opportunity to hold your lover tight and be on the lookout for ghosts.

Unique New York Dates

New York has a ton of exciting and unique things to do that you won’t be able to do anywhere else. Take advantage of this and wow your date on a date night they’ll never forget.

Trapeze School

The Trapeze School offers beginner level classes, so even if you aren’t in the best shape, you can still have a fun time to learn the ropes (get it?). Classes are offered indoors and outdoors for a memorable experience with your partner. You can also make it into a group date with a few of your friends! They offer group classes, so get your friends together and try out the Trapeze School.

Big Onion

Big Onion walking tours are a great way to see some parts of the City you and your significant other might not usually go to. From historic Harlem to the unique Lower East Side, you’ll be able to experience historical and cultural themes throughout each neighborhood you visit. These tours are also pooch friendly, so bring the pups along for a fun and informative date!

Sleep No More

Sleep No More is a very unique experience that can only be found in New York. You, your date, and the fellow members of the group put on white masks and get to explore the six floors of the McKittrick Hotel and experience the show like you never have before, which is based on Macbeth. Each room has different theme to terrify audience, which is impressive considering it consists of one hundred rooms. You can even buy drinks and listen to the house band.

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink quickly becomes a huge attraction in New York when the weather starts cooling off and the snow comes. The ice skating rink, located in Central Park, is surrounded by greenery, usually covered in snow while the rink is open. This creates a beautiful and romantic scene for couples of all ages to enjoy.

Little Red Lighthouse

The Little Red Lighthouse is one of the last lighthouses standing in New York. Whether you ride your bike or walk to see it by the George Washington Bridge, it is truly a romantic experience. You can tour the lighthouse, and the tour is free. This is a great idea for a fun date that won’t hurt your wallet but will swoon your significant other.

New York Beer and Brewery Tour

The New York Beer and Brewery Tour is five hours of fun and beer! The tour goes through several boroughs of New York, such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, and is a great way to enjoy time on the city with a beer and your significant other.

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