Wine & Cheese Pairings for Beginners

If you are not a world class chef and don’t quite understand the complexity behind wine and cheese, fear not. Wine and cheese are delicious together but it’s important to know what’s going on before you start in the kitchen. Wine has been enjoyed by nearly all cultures and civilizations since, well, the beginning of time. The oldest known winery was discovered in a cave in Armenia in 4100 BC! Prior to that, people were still enjoying wine for as long as mankind has been around. Wine, usually complemented by a gourmet cheese, first originated in Europe. Both are delicious alone, but when paired properly, creates a truly remarkable appetizer. If you’re like most people, and know nothing about the culinary excellence that goes into matching a wine with a cheese, this article should help.

            Don’t look like a rookie. If you’re aiming to find the cheapest wine and cheese you may as well not even bother. It is crucial to use cheese and wine that are fresh and high in quality. Kraft won’t cut it this time, neither will box wine. Ideally, you would want to use any of the Murray’s Cheese (with the correct wine of course). Murray’s Cheese is always made with quality and care and is widely recognized as a premium brand. Quality is important at MaxDelivery, and that is why we continue to provide Murray’s delicious gourmet cheese available for 1 hour delivery. We also offer premium varieties of wine from our trusted partner, Artisan Wine Company, which you can order directly from Max for 1 hour delivery! 

 Gouda & Merlot

            One of the most basic and popular wine and cheese combinations is Gouda and Merlot. Murray’s offers a variety of Gouda cheese which are perfect to pair with Merlot wine. Merlot Wine can vary slightly in flavor depending on the brand and age of the grape used to make the wine, but is usually referred to as a soft wine with a fruity aroma. On the other hand, Gouda cheese is well known for being creamy, buttery, and relatively mild in flavor. This, combined with the savory and buttery flavor of Murray’s Gouda cheese, is sure to leave a pleasant flavor on your palette.

Brie & Chardonnay 

            Equally as delicious, but very different is another popular pairing, Chardonnay and Brie. Brie and Chardonnay are among the most popular pairings for wine and cheese for a good reason. Brie is widely available and easy to come across in a lot of grocery stores. It is known for being a very creamy and pungent cheese, but like all cheese, the flavor is subject to change with ingredients added or subtracted. Due to this, it is important to buy a high-quality brand with consistent flavor such as Murray’s. Chardonnay is the ideal partner for this cheese for several reasons. To begin with, it is a wider bodied, velvety, wine with mild citrus accents. Like all cheese, the wine may taste different per the brand and any added ingredients. Be sure to look for a well-known, consistent Chardonnay to accompany your Brie as the wine is just as important as the cheese. 

Parmesan & Chianti

            For a more unique combination that most people enjoy, try Parmesan and Chianti. Parmesan is most often spotted in Italian Cuisine being grated over pastas, salads, or soups. However, in most restaurants the parmesan that is used in meals isn’t true parmesan. True parmesan has a gritty texture with a fruity nutty taste. Parmesan is less popular to eat by itself as it usually cooked or sprinkled over a dish. For this reason, it is a wonderful twist on most traditional wine and cheese pairings. Most people prefer Parmesan cheese to be sliced very thin, but determine your preferences and slice it accordingly. Chianti is arguably one of the most popular Italian red wine, made famous for being sold in a small straw basket otherwise known as a fiasco.

             Quality isn’t the only important aspect of your wine and cheese venture. Homemade crackers and fresh, ripe grapes are often served alongside cheese and wine. There is an infinite combination of crackers that are okay to serve with your cheese and wine, so whether you’re making the crackers or ordering them from MaxDelivery, this step isn’t quite as important as wine and cheese. Choose your favorite crackers and arrange them creatively next to your sliced cheese on a platter prior to serving them. Crackers are simple so you can’t mess them up. Grapes are different though. It cannot be emphasized enough how using fresh and quality grapes are crucial to the entire course. If you order from MaxDelivery, you can have fresh, ripe grapes delivered to your door step. If you don’t know much about fruit, or don’t trust your grocery store to have high quality grapes, order from MaxDelivery. We have a team of employees who are dedicated to making sure we only deliver high quality produce, and discard any that doesn’t meet our standard. If you happen to use a soft squishy grape or grapes that aren’t juicy, you will likely disappoint the entire appetizer. 

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