Meal. Prep.

What is “meal prepping”?

Meal prepping can be the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. According to nutritionists, diet plays a much larger role in losing weight than exercise and the overall health of an individual.  However, don’t cancel your gym membership because both play a vital role and are key components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Meal prepping, in a nutshell, is preparing multiple meals a set number of days so that it will be easy to eat on the go, at work, etc.

Why should I meal prep?

Meal prepping is beneficial for a lot of reasons. First, it allows for a relatively healthy meal to be available at your convenience. Most nutritionists find that when people “give in” to their unhealthy cravings it’s largely because they didn’t feel like cooking or going out to buy food.  Luckily, MaxDelivery can knock out half of that problem and deliver food directly to your door.  However, we’ve all been there, fast food is so easy (and tastes so good) which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so detrimental for your health. If you choose to meal prep, chances are you will be less likely to swing through McDonalds or Burger King and get a notorious 1200 calorie meal with a promise that tomorrow is the day you’re going to get serious about going to the gym and eating better.

How to meal prep?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a culinary wizard to take part in meal prepping. In fact, you don’t even have to be a very good cook at all. You do need a couple things to get you started.  First, invest in some quality Tupperware.  MaxDelivery offers some great Tupperware that you could use to meal prep. You need at least 4 or 5 containers. You’ll (obviously) need whatever food you plan on packing. Meal prepping should start at the beginning of your work or school week (for most people it is Sunday, but it depends on your schedule). A lot of people will just add in the ingredients for their meal prep while they’re cooking dinner on Sunday night. Whatever works for you. Basically, you want to cook whatever food you want to bring, and put a whole meal in one Tupperware container to bring to work or school or eat on the go during the week.

Meal prep ideas?

Chicken and Rice

Depending on how many days you are meal prepping for, cook the rice accordingly. A serving of rice is one cup of cooked rice. Keep in mind that rice grows four times in size when cooked. If you plan to meal prep for four days for one person, I would cook one and a one quarter cups of dry rice. This will leave you with five cups of cooked rice, a little more than one cup a day if you are meal prepping for four days. Put one cup of rice in the bottom of each Tupperware container and if you have some left over you can add it to the Tupperware or eat it plain or do what you like with it. Next, begin preparing the chicken. Again, it is subjective to each individual, but a lot of people eat one chicken breast with the rice. If you like more chicken and less rice, make it that way. Cut the raw chicken breast into bite size pieces before cooking it. Doing so will allow you to use only a fork to eat so you don’t have to pack a knife to cut the chicken. Some people prefer to sauté the chicken in a pan with butter and garlic, or use their own recipes. Whatever you choose, make it your own. Add the cooked chicken on top of the rice and seal the Tupperware container with a lid.

Layered Jar Salad

In a mason jar, add your favorite dressing. It’s important to put the dressing in first so your salad isn’t all soggy by the time you eat it. If you’re picky, you can even put the dressing in a separate container. Next, do the “chunky” ingredients. Chopped chicken, steak, ham, boiled egg, salmon, strawberries, and sliced apple are some popular ingredients for this layer. Next, do any vegetable except for lettuce. Mushrooms, tomatoes (I know, they aren’t a vegetable…, banana peppers, onion, olives, are all perfect for this layer. The next layer is cheese and nuts. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, you get the point. Lastly, the green! Add whatever kind of lettuce you prefer. It is important to do it in this order so when you turn the jar upside down, it is in the traditional fashion that you see most salads in.


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