National Beer Day

Friday, April 7th will mark the 8th annual celebration of National Beer Day in the United States. As silly as this holiday may seem, it actually has a significant historical meaning. Prohibition- where the sale, consumption, and possession of alcohol was outlawed, lasted for a 13 year period in American history.  On March 22, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Cullen-Harrison Act, which essentially made alcohol legal again. The law went into effect on April 7th of that year, marking the nation’s first unofficial celebration of National Beer Day. For many years after the prohibition, citizens across America were legally celebrating an unofficial holiday. It wasn’t until 2009 that the holiday began to gain national recognition. Allegedly,  two beer enthusiasts, Justin Smith, from Richmond Virginia, and Mike Connolly, from Liverpool, England, proposed that April 7th be a holiday for beer in a Facebook group. It later exploded and began gaining national recognition from major breweries around the world and lead to the formation of National Beer Day.

At MaxDelivery, we hand select our vendors and are committed to bringing you only the best. We carry over 150 types of beer, including those brewed right here in NY State. Buying local not only benefits the economy, it also promotes locally sourced products, unique flavors, and limited runs. Click here to order your favorite brew, and have it delivered to your door!


Several of the NY breweries that we carry (The Brooklyn Brewery, Alphabet City Brewing Company, Sixpoint Brewery, Ithaca Beer Co., Captain Lawrence, Coney Island Brewing Company, Saranac, and the Bronx Brewery) have won awards for brewing high quality and tasty beer. Ithaca Beer Co.’s “Flower Power” won a silver medal for “best craft beer in NY”. It has since been given numerous awards and recognitions for being an outstanding beer and is a very popular local brew. In addition, Saranac Brewery’s “Legacy IPA beer” won silver at the world beer awards for IPA beers.  Sixpoint Brewing Co. has previously been awarded “Best Craft Brewery in New York State.” And, if you haven’t tried Alphabet City Beer, you should.  They just won”The Best New Beer Bar in Time Out NY’s Food & Drink Awards.”


Celebrate National Beer Day and let Max deliver your favorite brews right to your door. In the famous words of Franklin D. Roosevelt immediately after signing the bill that allowed the legal consumption of alcohol, “I think this (April 7th) would be a good time for a beer”.

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