Perfect Pie!

The best pies are made from scratch. It’s not a secret why grandma’s pies are so memorable, it’s because she uses real ingredients! One of our favorite bakeries, Little Pie Company, understands this and makes every pie with this in mind. Arnold Wilkerson, the founder of Little Pie Company, recalls the traditional style his grandmother used to make pies when he was younger. He claims that his love of baking comes from a vivid recollection of his grandmother using only the freshest ingredients from scratch; a timely process, but delicious nonetheless.

Wilkerson was able to act on his passion for baking, and open the Little Pie Company in 1983. Contrarily to their name, the Little Pie Company is not so little. Since they opened their doors, they have gained a reputation for producing some of the finest pies in and around NYC, and today they are known internationally for their delicious handmade pies. New York Times described their product by saying “It is the perfect pie: tart and sweet”. The Oprah Magazine, Everyday With Rachael Ray, Food Network, and Time Magazine have all featured the Little Pie Company.

Mother’s Day is here, and if you’re looking for something special for your mother, try 1 of the 16 pie flavors from Little Pie Company that MaxDelivery can deliver in minutes! Treat your mom to a pie as good as she would make for much less effort and all of the quality!  Their refreshing Key Lime Pie is the perfect complement to a summer meal.  The Banana Coconut Cream Pie and Mississippi Mud Cake will have you drooling and reminiscing of your grandma’s baking.  Or you could go for something more traditional like their Apple Pie or Southern Pecan Pie.



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